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I have been working in the beauty industry for a long time, and the phrase I hear the most is “The water is too bad here, causing me hair loss”. What most people don’t understand and realize is that “Bad water” stands for HARD WATER.

Shower water is the culprit of many common and severe issues for the hair scalp and skin. Over 85% of the world does shampoo with hard water. Hard water that is packed with minerals and harsh chemicals that causes major problems in the hair, skin, and scalp, which can even serve as a trigger for many problems. Hard mineral water builds up in the hair can also cause issues such as hair color fading. Due to Hard water, some of the most common problems are inadequate grey coverage, brassy blondes, muddy or any ashy hues, lack of bounce, lack of luster. Hair highlights also seem to disappear just a couple of weeks after leaving the salon. Believe me, even after naming so many issues these are only a few of them.


Now you may ask what to do now? Should we stop taking a shower? Will this hard water make my life hard? Well, you don’t need to do any of that, the solution to these problems is very simple! Come to Lucullan Studios which is the best unisex hair salon in Delhi best hair salon in G.K.1 M block and try The Malibu-C wellness hair care remedy. It can rectify all these issues and more. Just like how your body needs a healthy diet to live, similarly, your hair requires proper nourishment to grow and become healthier. Malibu-C is 100% Vegan, has the right amount of parabens, and is absolutely Gluten-free. This provides your hair with the right kind of diet that solves all these problems and makes your hair bouncy and healthy.


Do you know the ordinary hair dye breaks down your natural hair pigment, which is why your hair dries and takes on a straw-like texture? Nobody wants straws instead of hair. To avoid such horrendous texture, we highly recommend Malibu-C CPR. Just like CPR similarly revives your body MalibuC – CPR revives your hair and gives your hair a new life.


Best makeup artists in Delhi recommend Malibu-CPR that removes unwanted pigments preserving the integrity of the hair and you can get this done in this best salon in Delhi. Do you know chlorinated water strips the natural lubricant layer from your head, resulting in hair loss? Pamper your hair with Malibu-C swimmer wellness that provides nourishment and strength by removing copper buildups.

Do you know that hard water targets your hair shaft, makes it unruly and causes hair to fall? Go for Malibu-C hard water wellness that removes the mineral buildups, makes your hair easy to manage, and reduces hair fall.

Correcting poor hair color is easier than you think! Try Malibu-C color pigment remedy. Malibu-C helps your hair in maintaining color by eliminating invisible minerals and oxidizers that keep your hair away from grabbing true colors. Say goodbye to buildup products and issues that keep true color from holding on. Treat your hair with Malibu-C crystal gel and let your scalp become healthier. Hard water tends to fade your color along with hair breakage. Malibu-C crystal gel treatment allows your scalp to relax and removes all sort of minerals from your hair that usually causes irritation and color fading. Buy Malibu-C and see the magic yourself.

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