5 Types of Trendy Haircuts for Women

January 30, 2020 | Category : Hair Care Services

5 Types of Trendy Haircuts for Women

Although a good hair styling is significant, it’s frequently secondary, on the grounds that even the messiest haircuts need a legitimate base – a quality trim that has its shape and surface. In this case, your hairstyle will look appealing and adorable. There are some classic haircuts like traditional bob and a feathered mullet that just don’t disappoint you. The final look and finish of your hairstyle entirely depends upon the hair stylish you choose. A Lucullan Studios is positioned as one of the Best Hair Stylists Salon in Delhi that offers the latest haircuts and styles at the most affordable rates.

Here are 5 Types of Trendy Haircuts:

Smoothed-Out Pixie:

Commonly known as a pixie trim, it alludes to a style wherein your hair is trimmed shorter from the back and the sides with somewhat long blasts in the front. You can sweep your uneven bangs to the side for a cool and casual look.

Pixie Cut with Bangs:

Falling in the edgy category, this hairstyle for young ladies is especially implied for those with a talent for experimentation. The more extensive classification of pixie hairdos, for the most part, contains a spiky easy route yet the smoothed out pixie look is an option for those attempting to accomplish a cleaner look. You can straighten and smooth the long locks and brush them along the edge. It gives you a sorted smooth look that can go with casual as well as formal outfits in equivalent measure.

Messy Wob:

You must have heard about of Bob hairdo for ladies. Just couple it with a wavy hairstyle and there comes the most recent pattern of “Wob”. A wavy bob is one of the most mainstream haircuts for ladies slanting this year. It includes some flair and drama to your hair, giving you a “simply turned up” look. Nonetheless, based on your preference, you may decide to keep your weave straight too. Despite the fact that, it is imperative to highlight the bold statement made by a muddled Wob in contrast with the typical straight trim, alongside doing wonders for your hair volume.

Long Wob with Side Bangs:

This one is classic cut for medium length hair and luckily, is as simple as it looks – you should simply get a periphery with equivalent length hair for an oversimplified look. In the event that you wish to keep things moderate however decline to settle on the style remainder, at that point this new hairstyle for young ladies should be on your need list.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut:

It’s one of those haircuts for young ladies which supplement pretty much every look. Be it an easygoing gathering with a companion or an executive gathering with the overseeing chiefs, this hairdo will make you look in vogue and ready. In case you are also looking for Best Hair Care Services in Delhi then head towards Lucullan Studios. We have our team of experienced and well-trained hairstylists to give you the look that you always wanted. To book an appointment now or know more about our services, reach us at info@lucullanstudios.com or 9319295509/10/11.


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