Top Benefits of Eyelash Extension

Long and luscious lashes are what almost every woman wants to have and struggles every morning while getting ready. Most of the women struggle with finding the right lash mascara, and it is challenging for you to wear the strip lashes. If you also need long and fuller lashes, then this is what our team …

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure Session

Manicure and Pedicure treatment are frequently thought to be a method for pampering yourself. However, they are more than that. Alongside making your hands, feet, and nails look stunning, it has a long-haul advantage for your overall mental health. Having these sessions from an ultra-luxury salon is an absolute necessity for both the gender. Since …

Top 5 Benefits of Makeup That You Never Knew

There are numerous advantages of makeup, and it has become a necessity in our daily life. Cosmetics help in enhancing our look. There are many other Benefits of Makeup that deserve to be noticed, asides the fact that it adds an extra layer of beauty and glows. The majority of people also see it as the best way …

Relax in the lap of Best Affordable Luxury Salon in Delhi

Gone are the days when salon and spa services were not affordable by ordinary people. Nowadays, you can step into Best Affordable Luxury Salon in Delhi and get the best hairs at affordable prices. One such salon is Lucullan- located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. People working in stressful work conditions generally prefer unique spa …

Get Paul Mitchell Hydrating Spa Treatment for Denser Hair

In simple words, Hair spas are hair therapy that lets you enjoy the calming massage while nourishing your hair and scalp and making it strong and healthy. It is very important to take good care of your hair. For that, there is not suitable option that of a hair spa. After all, hair at times needs …


What is HARD WATER? I have been working in the beauty industry for a long time, and the phrase I hear the most is “The water is too bad here, causing me hair loss”. What most people don’t understand and realize is that “Bad water” stands for HARD WATER. Shower water is the culprit of …

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