Five Fresh Ways to Update Your Brunette Hair Color

February 27, 2020 | Category : Hair Colouring

Five Fresh Ways to Update Your Brunette Hair Color

Whether you want to add a subtle dimension to your tresses with some balayage highlights or mix in a pop of bright color, there are several fun ways to change up your brunette hair color while staying true to your brown hue.

If you have reached a bit of stalemate with your brown tresses, why not consider trying something to enhance your shade? To get the brunette shade that suits you, ask hair coloring stylist of well-known unisex salon in Greater Kailash 1 such as Lucullan Studios for locks color ideas just for brunettes. What’s more?

Let’s Take a Look at Five Fresh Ways to Reinvent Your Brunette Hair Color

Try Out a Blonde Balayage Color with a Twist

Do you want to add a touch of a dimension to your brown mane? If yes, it’s time to get familiar with blonde balayage. This is a very popular hair trend that involves a light hair color onto the ends and mid-length of your tresses for a natural, sun-kissed look. When subtle blonde tresses color is added to brown hair, it will give your tresses an instant lift and can change a dull, colorless brown locks color in instant. To get this look, you can search the best Unisex Salon in Greater Kailash 1 such as Lucullan Studios. Our experienced hairstylist will keep your dark color on top and only lighten the ends of your hair. Plus, meanwhile, the color is concentrated at the ends of your hair; there won’t be a harsh line when your roots start to grow. This means you won’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups your tresses.

Brighten Your Brunette Hair Color with Highlights & Low Lights

If you are not ready to opt for an all-over color change, consider highlights to update your brunette locks color. Instead of completely changing the hue of your hair, you need to ask your colorist to put on streaks of your favorite shade. Multiple tresses hues can be added to the hair using highlights and low lights. These tresses coloring techniques add depth, dimension, and texture to your curls. Depending on your choice, the streaks can be chunky or thin, subtle or bold. So, if you want a sun-kissed look, ask for a slightly lighter shade than your base color from Luxury Spa & Salon in Greater Kailash 1. For more drama, choose baby blonde highlights. If you’re looking to incorporate another tone, try deep red low lights for a striking color combo.

Darken Your Strands

If you are looking for a sultry switch-up, choosing a darker color than your current shade is one of the best ways. While a deep brunette allows you to maintain your brown curl, it experiences something different. Whether your skin tone is fair or dark, going darker for hair can make for an eye-catching change. Ask your fresh mane color specialist of Unisex Salon in Greater Kailash 1 which shades would work the best with your skin tone.

Get a Fresh Haircut

Getting a new hair color is not the only way to change up how your brown tresses look, but this can also transform your brunette curl. For a major change, give a closely cropped pixie a chance. If you prefer a little more length, try a lob haircut for your new style. Besides this, find the most popular luxury spa & salon near you to achieve your desired result.

Add Hair Extensions

Do you want to get a new look without trying a fresh color or making a major chop? Consider extending the length of your tresses. Hair extension is a great way to add the look of length and volume to makeover your curl. Ask your stylist for strands slightly longer than your natural hair. They will help create the look of the added thickness or mix in super-long extensions for a dramatic change that will aid you to enhance your brown shade. To know more about here extension, you can contact a well-known Luxury Spa & Salon in Greater Kailash 1.

Book Your Hair Color Appointment at Lucullan Studios

If you are considering a new tresses shade, why not come and talk to one of our experienced color specialists at Lucullan Studios. Being a well-known luxury spa & salon in Greater Kailash 1, we provide bespoke, beautiful tresses color results and will transform your dull, boring brown hair color! Our team of creative hairdressers can update & brighten your look by enhancing the natural tones of your mane or adding a few colorful & playful highlights!

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