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When it comes to hands and feet, you can rely on our trained staff for an everlasting manicure and pedicure services. All our manicure and pedicure services are designed exclusively to leave an unforgettable experience with clients. We give a final touch to each of our manicure and pedicure sessions by providing a relaxing and overwhelming massage that leaves your hand glowing and beautiful. We always ensure that our clients receive luxurious and comfortable services every time they visit us, and therefore, we have in-house F&B services. Browse and choose from our exclusive range of hands and feet services.

  • Marine foot massage
  • Cuticle management
  • Hydrating paraffin
  • Nail shaping
  • Buffing

Our manicure & pedicure service goes beyond the traditional trimming and polishing nails. We provide deep moisturizing, complete exfoliation, and the most refined attention to small detail. All this process is done to give your skin the ultimate perfection that they deserve.

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