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It’s more Than Just a Nail Appointment for Us!

If your dream is to wake up with fuller lashes and full beauty nails too are trending among celebrities, you might be worried about the safety and sustainability of the lash extension. We assure you that our eyelash extension service is 100% safe and doesn’t affect the quality of natural lashes. We recommend not using mascara or eye makeup before coming for lash extension services. When you an appointment with us for a lash extension, our team sits with you to discuss your requirements and expectations. This is to make sure that you step out of the saloon with fuller, long and attractive eyelashes.

  • Lash extension
  • Permanent gel polish
  • Nail art
  • Nail treatment

Our Lucullan studio is offering you a considerable variation in nail art and nail extension services that include One Stroke Nail Art, American French, Wedding French, Color Glitter Tow Tone Nail Extension, 2D Nail Extension, 3D Nail Extension and many more. We are a well-known salon for excellent nail and lash extension services.

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