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Custom Tattooing and Exotic Piercing Services for You

Nowadays, almost everyone is using tattoos and piercings as a different form of decoration on their bodies. In past days, tattoos were used to denote status and for others, it was a means of warding off evil spirits.  Today, piercing and tattooing are mostly fashion-driven and becoming a new trend.  Whether it’s about observing a pop star or just that much-admired tattooed man down the street, tattoos and piercing can be seen everywhere. In addition to being an icon of a style, the tattoo is a representation of who you are and how you define yourself. Hence, you should choose a professional tattoos artist and piercing experts to get the job done. At Lucullan Studios, we are a team of art lovers and believe that tattoos should be used as a form of expression. Since we have worked for years in the tattoo and piercing industry, we have built a skilled team of experienced tattoo lovers who are acting as our experienced tattoo artists.

Some of our tattoo and piercing services include:

  1. Clinical tattoo
  2. Permanent tattoo
  3. Cosmetic tattoo
  4. Ear piercing
  5. Oral piercing

Apart from this, our tattoo artists are capable of creating a unique blend of the client’s  style and the customer wants to create something phenomenal and eye-catchy.

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